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Deploying vJunos-switch on EVE-NG bare metal

  • 1.  Deploying vJunos-switch on EVE-NG bare metal

    Posted 04-25-2023 06:27
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    In this article, we will look at how vJunos-switch is deployed on a bare metal install of EVE- NG. This deployment will then be used to integrate with Juniper Apstra and build a complete Data Center fabric.

    We'll start with instructions on how to deploy EVE-NG as a bare metal install on an Ubuntu server and run through the EVE-NG installation itself as an example of how this can be done. Once EVE-NG is setup, we'll show how vJunos-switch can be added to EVE-NG as a deployable node and the EVE-NG template that is needed for this to work.

    Finally, we'll wrap this up by onboarding vJunos-switch devices in Juniper Apstra and building a simple Data Center fabric to show that these devices work seamlessly with Apstra as well.

    Aninda Chatterjee


  • 2.  RE: Deploying vJunos-switch on EVE-NG bare metal

    Posted 05-31-2023 01:50
    Edited by Simon Bingham (technical debt collector) 05-31-2023 01:55

    Thankyou I discovered this yesterday and was able to upgrade my Eve-NG and the templates are avaible now.

    I have found my vQFX to be a little unreliable  not sure if this is my Eve-ng  or the VM,  I found it would not reliably forward broadcast traffic. ( at least there were issues with ARP.

    Anyway was really pleased to see a vEX now availible, wanted to see this for many many years.

    I instaled vEX , copied over the vQFX config and force up is not permitted on the AE interfaces on the vEX which is disappointing. 

    I'm using this for a evpn lab the AE interfaces  with LACP never comes up to the spine ( vMXs )

    Can Juniper add this back ?

    Anyway great to see a vEX available ( thankyou Juniper ),  the ELS switchies like 4300 are still to expensive on Ebay to buy for my lab. 

    Simon Bingham