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CRONTAB files disappear after reboot

  • 1.  CRONTAB files disappear after reboot

    Posted 03-20-2023 10:27

    We have 36 EX-3300 Virtual Chassis that we need to reboot once a week.  Only a few of these retain their CRONTAB files, while most delete the /var/cron/reboot.sh and /var/cron/tabs/root files.  The files are configured as follows:

    /usr/sbin/cli request system reboot

    55 23 * * 6 sh /var/cron/reboot.sh

    The privileges are set as follows:
    /var/cron/reboot.sh  rwxr-xr-x

    /var/cron/tabs/root  rw-------

    Thank you in advance for your insight and suggestions