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  • 1.  Community Tip of the Week

    Posted 01-26-2021 10:01

    Community Tip of the Week

    To get us started in the new community, I wanted to share some helpful tips on how to use Elevate over the next few weeks. So I am launching a tip of the week series! Where I will be sharing highlights of the new community every week. To start off with, I want to go over tips on how to navigate the Juniper Elevate Community:

    1. The Juniper Elevate Community uses a “Tree” pattern to help you navigate. At the top of the tree you have “Elevate”. From there, you have three main “branches”: Answers, Ideas and Innovations, and Rise with Us. To access the sub-communities within these larger branches, click on “Communities” and select the branch you’d like to explore
    2. Once you’ve clicked into one of these branches, you will be navigating only through this branch. The site will remind you which one you’re navigating on the left side of your screen. So for example, if you choose Communities > Rise with Us, then you are on the Rise with us community and everything you see on that page is under the Rise with Us sub-community.
    3. To exit your current branch, click on “Elevate Home” and you’ll be brought back to the homepage where you can explore all of the other branches..
    4. Pro Tip: Click on the “Community Navigator” button to see all the communities that are available to you on your current branch and use it to quickly jump around the site!

    John Joyce