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  • 1.  Common interfaces configuration strategy

    Posted 21 days ago


    I'm a little bit confused about the right strategy to use when you need to apply a common set of configuration to some interfaces.

    I understood that I can configure a range like this where I can set some common config:

    admin@switch# show interfaces interface-range myrangename
    member ge-0/0/45;
    member ge-1/0/44;
    member ge-1/0/45;
    member ge-1/0/47;
    member ge-0/0/44;
    native-vlan-id 888;
    unit 0 {
        family ethernet-switching {
            interface-mode trunk;
            vlan {
                members 900-903;
            storm-control default;

    Now I would expect to fine my interfaces stated in the previous piece of config already configured in that way but unfortunately it doesn't work.

    Maybe I misunderstood the purpose of interface-range 

    Thanks  for your help

  • 2.  RE: Common interfaces configuration strategy

    Posted 21 days ago

    Hi Mauro, 

    Can you please let me know what specifically doesn't work, and what configuration specifically you want to achieve? 

    Is it essentially a baseline for future configurations?

    Ethan Jackson

  • 3.  RE: Common interfaces configuration strategy

    Posted 21 days ago
    Edited by Mauro 21 days ago

    I would like to set some config and the move in and out specific ports when needed without apply the specific config on the port instead of move the port in a specific config.

    I tried but I found that showing the port config that rules where not applied. It looks that the native vlan is not correctly passed to the port:

    show ethernet-switching interface ge-0/0/44
    Routing Instance Name : default-switch
    Logical Interface flags (DL - disable learning, AD - packet action drop,
                             LH - MAC limit hit, DN - interface down,
                             MMAS - Mac-move action shutdown,  AS - Autostate-exclude enabled,
                             SCTL - shutdown by Storm-control, MI - MAC+IP limit hit)
    Logical         Vlan                   TAG   MAC    MAC+IP STP         Logical          Tagging
    interface       members                      limit  limit  state       interface flags
    ge-0/0/44.0                                  32768  0                                   tagged
                    vlan900-wifi_test      900   32768  0      Forwarding                   tagged
                    vlan901-wifi_client    901   32768  0      Forwarding                   tagged
                    vlan902-wifi_mobile    902   32768  0      Forwarding                   tagged
                    vlan903-wifi_guest     903   32768  0      Forwarding                   tagged