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    Posted 05-06-2020 18:51

    Hi all,

    Why the Junos gives exclamation mark "!" when activating some statements from deactivate. Even #commit check is fine without any warning.....

    Typically when comitting change on the Junos, shouldn't we see "+" or "-" from the executing #sh |compare?

    #show | compare
    [edit system processes general-authentication-service]
    ! active: traceoptions { ... }
    [edit system processes smg-service]
    ! active: traceoptions { ... }
    [edit system processes dhcp-service]
    ! active: traceoptions { ... }
    [edit protocols ppp-service]
    ! active: traceoptions { ... }

  • 2.  RE: commit | compare
    Best Answer

    Posted 05-06-2020 19:47

    Hello Arix,



    This is the expected behavior in Junos. 


    If we are adding a new configuration statement to the device it shows it as "+" and deleting a configuration permanently from the device it shows as "-" when you run a #show|compare.

    When you activate the disabled command which was already part of the existing configuration in the device but in a disabled state, we see "!" [exclamation ].


    "!" is seen during "activate to de-activate " and "de-activate to activate". We can differentiate by seeing "active" and "in-active" followed by "!" when you run #show|comapre.




    Already disabled:-

    [edit system processes health-mon]
    XXXX# show
    ## inactive: system processes health-mon


    Enable the configuration:-

    XXXX# activate system processes health-mon

    XXXX# show |compare
    [edit system processes]
    ! active: health-mon { ... }


    Disable it again:-


    XXXX# deactivate system processes health-mon
    XXXX# show |compare
    [edit system processes]
    ! inactive: health-mon { ... }


    Link for reference:


  • 3.  RE: commit | compare

    Posted 05-06-2020 20:16

    Many thanks Lingabasappa, it is crystal  clear...