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  • 1.  CGNAT MX: Source NAT of the port.

    Posted 11-20-2023 00:46

    Hi all,

    Currently i get log in our NMS regarding on of our pool source NAT "RT_SRC_NAT_OUTOF_PORT". Instead change the pool or add another pool ip is it any other alternative? Currently we dont have enough public pool ip to add it. Below is my config. Appreciate if any advise:

    re1> show configuration services nat source pool napt44-pool-3 
    address {;
    port {
        automatic {
        block-allocation {
            block-size 512;
            maximum-blocks-per-host 8;
            last-block-recycle-timeout 3600;

  • 2.  RE: CGNAT MX: Source NAT of the port.

    Posted 11-27-2023 10:27

    If you are trying to be more conservative with your address and port use, and you know that 4096 ports per customer (512*8) is more than enough, then you could carefully walk that back.  like, maximum-blocks-per-host 6, and see if this allows you to make better use of the ip/port usage.  You just don't want to starve your customers the port translations they need, or this could lead to poor experience, and denying them service.

    dual stacking your customers so that they don't need to go through the ipv4 nat, is another way of extending the longevity of your ipv4 nat, and also should created a better, more seamless experience for customers using ipv6

    - Aaron