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  • 1.  BFD Protocol Troubleshooting and Logs

    Posted 10-26-2022 13:54

    We're having an issue establishing peering consistently between two nodes in different locations when using the Spectrum Internet Broadband service on one side. Note the Spectrum service is using a static ip, however the SDWAN router is sitting behind the Spectrum box and cable modem.

    Is there any documentation on the details on how the peering relationship forms using the BFD protocol. Additionally is there a particular log that shows the BFD communications for debugging?

    Running packet captures on both nodes, it seems the BFD packet comes from Node A (Branch) to Node A (Datacenter) however a BFD packet doesn't come back in response from the datacenter node. It appears the BFD table state changes after the cable modem reboots causing a state change?

    It was working initially then the cable modem in the branch rebooted, now the peer won't come up. Note this only happens with Spectrum Broadband service.


  • 2.  RE: BFD Protocol Troubleshooting and Logs

    Posted 10-27-2022 16:30
    Hi Stephen,

    Please have a read through the following articles. Both do give insight into BFD and tuning options. There are several topics that might either address your issue or explain it.

    A packet capture might be needed to understand if BFD responses are sent/making it back as well.



    Mark Ansley