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  • 1.  Article ID KB37317 regarding PoE Controller firmware Upgrades

    Posted 12-08-2023 11:12

    Good Morning All,

    In the Juniper Networks Ask the Experts: Upgrading Junos I was asked by Vijaypal Kyalkia to post the PoE Controller upgrade issue that I saw. I am running new EX2300-VC with two members with Junos 18.1 and I did not upgrade the the poe firmware at that moment. I upgraded the the virtual chassis to 21.4R3 then I checked the firmware of the poe controller and noted that it was at So I tried upgrading the poe firmware using the request system firmware upgrade poe fpc-slot 0 and this did not work. Under status it showed that the downloand initialized but then changed to poe_erase (something like that). I waited about 10 minutes and its just stayed in that condition so at that point I just pulled the power on both units and it appears that poe is fine under Status it shows AT_Mode for both units.  You should know that the units that I am working with were bought about 5 years ago for our upgrades that is why they have the older Junos version on them.  The Article noted in the subject line says that new units are being shipped with the correct poe firmware, great. However, another part of the article says that when you perform a Junos upgrade to a more up to date Junos version the poe firmware should upgrade and in my case that did not happen. That is the issue that I saw, please let me know your thoughts on this. Also as I am about to embark on Junos upgrades for my units that are running either 15.1 or 18.1 I believe it important to check and run the poe firmware update if needed as a first step and I would like your input on this as well.

    Thank you


  • 2.  RE: Article ID KB37317 regarding PoE Controller firmware Upgrades

    Posted 12-22-2023 09:54

    Hi John,

    I think you were hitting this issue https://supportportal.juniper.net/s/article/PoE-firmware-upgrade-may-lead-to-loss-of-PoE-functionality

    This is actually fixed now as of this PR https://prsearch.juniper.net/problemreport/PR1741298

    Take a look and let us know what questions you may have.