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Ask questions and share experiences with SD-WAN and Session Smart Router (formerly 128T).
  • 1.  Are you able to download 128T software prior to upgrading?

    Posted 01-15-2018 00:00
    Is there an option to download 128T software prior to a scheduled upgrade change window? I am concerned about link saturation of low bandwidth connections and impacting production traffic as well as waiting for a download to complete during a change window. ¾ Would like the ability to schedule and throttle the software download to avoid contention with production traffic. In addition, looking for the the ability to control the upgrade process via separate download and install functions.

    Thank You, Scott

  • 2.  RE: Are you able to download 128T software prior to upgrading?

    Posted 01-15-2018 00:00


    Thank you for reaching out!

    Limited Bandwidth environments can be tricky. There are two parts to your question which I'll answer separately below:


    First, as of our current GA Code 3.1.9, one can throttle how much bandwidth is utilized for software downloads with our product. This can be achieved by setting the ""software-update-bandwidth"" parameter located under ""authority > router > node "" . The value is measured in bits per second.

    Example to set the software download limit to 50 kbps

    software-update-bandwidth 50000

    Next, we are actively working on a feature within our conductor to allow for a pre-install download of the software (also known as a ""download-only"" option) and it should be out early this year. This will allow one to schedule the software download ahead of time and separately from the installation of the software.

    If you have pressing needs and require this functionality sooner, please let us know. We can provide a manual way to provide similar functionality with our current GA code.



    Thomas Sullivan

    SE 128 Technology