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  • 1.  Apstra REST API and Apstra Python SDK

    Posted 08-15-2023 11:36

    I am trying to automate simple tasks (Creating RZ, Creating VNs and attaching these to leafs) using the Apstra REST API and the apstra-python-sdk package. 

    This task has proven allot more difficult than I have expected, as the apstra-python-sdk are closer to a few boliterplate examples than a real SDK. I have opened a ticket at JTAC but they say that Apstra SDK is a community driven project and is unsupported by Juniper. A "real" SDK and ansible modules exists, but they are only available to professional services. 

    As JTAC describes, the Apstra SDK is a open community project on and I wrote several fixes and suggestions a opened a pull request (as this is how open source project usually works). To my big suprise, pull requests are just laying dormant for more than 8 months: Pull requests · Apstra/apstra-api-python

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    Pull requests · Apstra/apstra-api-python
    Apstra AOS Python Rest API Client. Contribute to Apstra/apstra-api-python development by creating an account on GitHub.
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    As the python, Ansible and go SDKs seemed dead, I moved to use the plain Apstra REST API and develop my own SDK.

    After investing allot of time reading documentations and navigating swagger docs, I am more or less stuck as the docs are almost non existing.

    Which approach have you chosen to automate stuff in Apstra? Any suggestions on how to move forward?


  • 2.  RE: Apstra REST API and Apstra Python SDK

    Posted 19 days ago

    Hi Per,

    Have you thought about using the Apstra Terraform Provider, we are actively developing this, and should provide most functionality your looking for.

    Bill Wester