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  • 1.  AP IP address another Vlan

    Posted 02-21-2024 07:09

    Hello Everybody;

    I have a problem while integrated an AP to network. I want to give ip address to AP vlan 340. So far ı choose ip address box DHCP and vlan id 340. And in ethernet properties tab ı add vlan id list to 340. This is access ports and native vlan 1. I just follow the instructions on the mist website. What is my problem have you ever faced something like this?


  • 2.  RE: AP IP address another Vlan

    Posted 02-25-2024 19:42


    Sorry for the question, is vlan 340 propagated to the switch where the port in which the access point resides is located?
    Where I work in the "IP Address" box we only put DHCP without putting anything in the "Ethernet Properties" box
    and put vlan 340 in the switch port.