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  • 1.  A bit about set groups command

    Posted 01-13-2023 08:43
    I have some confusing for below config:

    set groups prefix-list-10 policy-options prefix-list router-group-10 x.x.x.x/xx
    set policy-options apply-groups prefix-list-10

    Just these 2 lines of configuration, how it affects on the router.


  • 2.  RE: A bit about set groups command

    Posted 01-13-2023 17:16

    Configuration groups are used to build a set of common configuration that can be applied in many places throughout the config.  This group configuration is very specific and does not include any wildcards so it loads a prefix list called 'router-group-10'.

    You can see how these groups affect your commit configuration by using the display inheritance option. i.e.

    1> show configuration | display inheritance

    This will show the inherited configuration data and the source group.