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5MinuteJunos Elevate Activation!

  • 1.  5MinuteJunos Elevate Activation!

    Posted 01-23-2024 06:21


    Video: Channel Update - Elevate!

    Video hashtag: #channel_update-elevate

    Greetings 5minutejunos viewers and Elevate Community members!

    After 5 years and over 80 videos, I have finally decided to address my biggest issue with YouTube - video comments.

    YouTube naturally aligns comments with videos, limiting the collaboration between viewers. More importantly, it provides no forum for unique questions, comments, or content requests.

    Still, I would tolerate these constraints if not for the biggest problem I have as a creator of enablement content: no attachments!

    Engaging with my viewers through the Elevate Community is an effort to address this issue. Here's how it works:

    • Every new video will have a thread created for it under the aligned community. For example, an Apstra video will have a thread created in the Data Center Elevate community
    • The post that starts the new thread will include:
      • The hashtag #5minutejunos
      • A link to the video
      • A hashtag for the video
      • The description of the video
      • Any attachments referenced in the video
    • The new video description will include a message header that includes
      • A link to the Elevate thread
      • A reminder to use the #5minutejunos hashtag

    If you want to request video content, please start a thread in the appropriate community with a subject line that reads "#5minutejunos content request: " with a quick description of what you are asking for and be sure to include the following hashtags:

    Thank you all and please use this thread for any feedback you may have!

    Colin @5minutejunos

    Consulting Engineer - Juniper Networks
    YouTube - 5MinuteJunos