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  • Git Repo has been updated : - More usage details in the Readme. - Two new scripts to add static route on O365 Ip address

  • figured out. some hidden character. thanks !!

  • thanks !!

  • Hi! I even tried changing the IP address for the QFX after some hours of management port being disabled in hope that it'd look for the config file but it didn't. The local tech was near by so he'll pop in and we'll fix it over the console port. It seems ...

  • Hi Fredrik, if the Device is Remote and you don't have Telnet / ssh Access, your options are very limited - can your remote-guy connect a console-cable for you? If so, you can issue "request system zeroize" so that the ZTP will start again "fresh": ...

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  • Junos offers a broad range of automation capabilities, starting from a YANG based configuration and state information base , accessible via CLI, NETCONF and REST over gRPC based JET APIs directly into various Junos daemons. Some readers might even ...

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