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  • Hi dear community, While attempting to connect to SRX devices using Pyez with Ansible i get the following error : 'Connection' object has no attribute 'nonetype' Here is my playbook : --- - name: Get Device Information hosts: router_juniper ...

  • Hi Mark, I encountered issues when executing your script. System complained about line 14... Then, I changed script a little bit, based on some other public documentation, and it worked well. Here is my script, if anyone find issues with your: version ...

  • version 1.1; ns junos = "*/junos"; ns xnm = ""; ns jcs = ""; import "../import/junos.xsl"; /* Junos Space annotations */ /* @CONTEXT = "/device" ...

  • Hi Mark, would you be so kind to share your solution. Thanks, Milan ------------------------------ MILAN MARKOVIC ------------------------------

  • I tried and got the same issue with below message. " error: unknown command: xml-mode error: permission denied: netconf" Regards, Tayzar Lwin

  • Thanks, with super-user access not root that should be fine. could you try the following: ssh <user>@<ip> -s netconf Once you enter your credentials for the account you need to run the test with, enter the following (you may not see the text being ...

  • No, I am not connecting via console. I am connecting via IP. I can successfully execute your command via shell and got below . " root@JCR101-KTBG-LAB:~ # ( echo "<rpc><get-system-information/></rpc><rpc><close-session/></rpc>" && cat ) | xml-mode ...


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