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  • Hi Im having trouble setting up my ansible playbook to run for juniper on ubuntu 20.04 .. While it works for other vendors Junos version : vsrx12.1X47-D20.7 At this point Im stuck at getting python3 to work as the interpreter, any working solutions ...

  • I got there in the end, this is the answer to my own question. from lxml import etree from jnpr.junos import Device import jxmlease parser=jxmlease.Parser() dev = Device( host = '' , user = 'root' , password = 'XXXXXXX' ...

  • I'm learning automation, I've set myself the goal of creating a Python script that will take a list of IP addresses and workout out what firewalls zones they are in. ( quite frankly something that should be built into the Junos CLI !! ) Input IPADDRESS ...

  • I am trying to understand how event-options work. I have the following: vQFX .2 ------- ------- .1 vMX lo0.0 .2 ------- ------- .1 root@vQFX-1# show routing-options | ...

  • thanks so much !!

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  • Junos offers a broad range of automation capabilities, starting from a YANG based configuration and state information base , accessible via CLI, NETCONF and REST over gRPC based JET APIs directly into various Junos daemons. Some readers might even ...

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