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  • Upgrading to 22.4R3-S2.11 seems to have resolved for me. ------------------------------ JNCIE-ENT 907 ------------------------------

  • Same issue: this is my home SRX, so I cannot raise a support ticket. I want to set something quick and simple for my home lab, but this is turning out to be an absolute pain. Its a shame Juniper employees are not answering queries on here. There are so ...

  • There's no link for "this post." The equivalent to IP SLA in Cisco is a combination of RPM and IP Monitoring services in JunOS. RPM defines objects you want monitored -- what protocol, how often, what addresses, etc. Then, with IP Monitoring policy ...

  • I've setup IP SLA in Cisco before but haven't figured out how to do the equivalent in Juniper yet. I found this post but it was almost 9 years ago and not sure if there is a better way of accomplishing this. We have two ISPs. ISP1: 1G fiber service ...

  • I'm guessing the sample configuration you provided currently has only one of your connections, assuming you'll be adding a second one, with another BGP connection. With BGP, there are probably many ways to accomplish this. Here's one (both steps are ...

  • I noticed the same problem with the currently recommended version 22.4R3-S2. ------------------------------ Alexander Zielke ------------------------------

  • I have two IPSsec tunnels going to AWS on my primary internet connection. I'd like to setup another pair of tunnels to AWS using my secondary internet connection. The secondary is much slower than then primary so I'd like to make sure that it has a ...

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