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  • Hi, As it mentioned in RN, Network Monitoring (OpenNMS) is decoupled starting 24.1 Junos Space so there is no SNMP monitoring or event / trap can be seen for managed devices in Space but user can deploy their own OpenNMS server and integrate it to Space, ...

  • Hi all good folks! This might be a bit of a confusing post, but I'll try to break it down so that it will be understandable. So the background is that I've been having a look at the new major release for Junos Space, version 24.1. When I look at ...

  • Loki - you share some addition instruction. One question about it. There IP = (it is IP of WEB portal or it is IP of interface Junos Server (because I have = Server and = Junos Space WEB Portal). I used instruction ...

  • New step =) I generated certificate on different server and before started - changed the this server time to 2020 year. (KB29266) Using commands openssl req -x509 -days 5650 -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout space_self_cert.key -out space_self_cert.pem ...

  • If you do not have many devices or configurations then it is better to deploy a new server on the latest release. -PL ------------------------------ Pravin Lokhande ------------------------------

  • Unfortunately in this company we already don't have active support contract. But in any case - thank you a lot for your help. It helped me significantly to understand the reason of the problem. Just for your information - We have got a snapshot ...

  • Hi, Status is showing down and unknown because server certificate is expired not because of opennms service. You should open JTAC case now to fix. ------------------------------ Pravin Lokhande ------------------------------


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