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  • Thank you for your help, It's resolved after reinstalling the system. ------------------------------ EL hatmi Khalid ------------------------------

  • Andy, it's CLI that's generating the "invalid user" error. Samar, maybe something got corrupted during the initial boot up and set up of the virtual machine. Try resetting it from the original file you downloaded. Alternatively, maybe something is corrupted ...

  • You should open a case with Juniper TAC if you have an active support contract. ------------------------------ Nikolay Semov ------------------------------

  • Not really my area of expertise, but it seems as though the prompt is still in the SHELL, rather than the CLI, since I would never expect CLI (mgd) to display "/bin/sh: configure: not found". If you type "cli" does that take you into the CLI? From ...

  • Thanks Nikolay, I think that's the reason, but I wanted to confirm that it is a bug. In my case we analyze the log with the customer and we have to give explanations for that result or that possible public IP, which is not correct because it is ...

  • Hi, I shared the message: We know the remote tunnel-ip that is It´s a internal IP. We don't have external connections. "gateway name: IKE-GW-103, vpn name: IPSEC-VPN-103, tunnel-id: 131076, local tunnel-if: st0.103, remote tunnel-ip: ...

  • Alfonso, I can confirm, I have seen the exact same behavior. It seemed to me at the time to be just a cosmetic bug, so haven't opened a support case for it yet. But you bring a good point about it throwing off logging systems. Steve, in some log ...

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