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  • You can also do session checks in real time using show security flow session This can be restricted by using source-prefix, destination-prefix and other criteria. Be sure to use pre-nat addresses. ------------------------------ Steve Puluka BSEET ...

  • Is there an advantage/disadvantage to putting ip in a nat source pool vs. a global pool? I will try to test this flow soon, thanks!

  • Hello, The config looks good to me. Could be a return routing issue as well. Please do check the sessions and see if session table is being built? if yes then we are not blocking anything. You may take flow traces to confirm the processing of outgoing ...

  • I'm setting up a DMZ where in zone dmz should nat and be seen to be coming from, but it's not working. If I use source nat interface it works, but just comes out, the default WAN connection. Here's what I have: ...

  • thanks i will check ------------------------------ FAROUK KAHOUL ------------------------------

  • Hello Farouk, There could be lot of traffic hitting your interface. Mostly ARP. Since both mgd and netdaemon is high, please do check messages logs for any login attempt's and also check for arp flood. Both the processes are on RE. Regards, ------------------------------ ...

  • Hello Vidar, The junos-tcp-svr-emul and junos-tcp-clt-emul are plug-ins. TCP stack has two instances of plug-ins, TCP termination (Server emulation) and TCP Initiation ( Client emulation). Each plug-in acts as a server for incoming packets and client ...


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