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  • You would need to determine the security zone associated with the source and destination address. This would be found by seeing what interface of the SRX would be pointing towards those hosts and then which zone those layer 3 interfaces are assigned ...

  • Hi Guys,please help on below requirement...Client is asking like below...…we using srx firewall Please your support to enable next IP to access FTP site in our firewall, what is the theory behind that..... Source IP : 192.168.85.x ...

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    RE: Connectivity loss

    Hi Brijil, Thanks for replay.. Client loss the connectivity one particular time, why issue happenned.Issue resolved. But he want cause for is only one specific traffic, that application is mount on One VM. i checked log messages #sh log ...

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    RE: Connectivity loss

    Hello Rakesh, I do not think you would be able to get the cause now. If the issue is ongoing you can put flow traceoptions to determine why packets are dropped. In this case as issue is not persisting, you can check your device logs and see if ...

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    Connectivity loss

    Hi Team, we are using srx 1500 firewall, we have connectivity loss from server to application(server), but now it is reachable. Client is asking why the reason for this loss. I took some details Source ip: Destination ip: ...

  • Hi team, did several Junos upgrades years ago, but now I hit the wall like this. SRX> show system snapshot media internal Information for snapshot on internal (/dev/da0s1a) (backup) Creation date: Mar 28 07:06:57 2023 Information for snapshot ...

  • Hi all, Is it someone success do dynamic-address block as per url below without need SkyATP or any license in the firewall. Is it really need in junos new version just support .tgz file only? I'm try follow url below but it cannot block. ...


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