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  • I've been advised that running the control link must be direct between the two nodes and not via a switch. I assume this means there is either some special non-ethernet signaling or large mtu involved. But the troubleshooting article just says connect ...

  • I have a setup where there are two locations, each having an SRX1500 and an EX4650 switch. The SRX1500s are supposed to form a cluster, but I'm facing an issue with the control link. Here's a detailed breakdown: At location 1, the SRX (srx-location1) ...

  • Clarification: Is anyone seeing many false positives affecting various Microsoft Active Directory functions? ------------------------------ Michael ------------------------------

  • Using SRX380 JunOS Version 21.4 R3- S3.4 as a firewall and for remote access VPN. Regular VPN is working fine using Juniper secure connect client, from external network without any issue as below - User >> Home Internet >> SRX@DC >>DC Network |EX ...

  • Has anyone seen hits for the SMB:LNX-KRNL-SESN-STP-DOS signature from Attack database version:3637(Thu Sep 28 13:59:35 2023 UTC)? ------------------------------ Michael ------------------------------

  • We have a situation where client would like to have VPN Connection from the office network ( for testing ) using the same SRX box configured for external VPN (from outside network like home/ cellular). Regular VPN is working fine when connected using ...

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    Many thanks as always Steve.

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