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    RE: Web server not working

    Ok - so Your original dNAT needs correction. Your dest port for rule "r1" should be 83 and then the POOL address entry "r2" should have port 80 as the re-write. Then you can back off the security policy to just allow address: any-> address: any; ...

  • Hello. Thank you for answering! Here is my configuration for the security policy: Where destination address is port-83, which is the global address that I created - ------------------------------ GEORGI DONKOV ---------------------- ...

  • Hello Koos, Since there is no TS on our side , most likely there won't be a TS on the other end either. You can confirm it by looking into the output of "show security ipsec sa detail". e.g. user@host> show security ipsec security-associations ...

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    RE: Web server not working

    Hey Georgi, After setting up Destination NAT, You also need a security policy rule that allows the traffic to pass from one zone to the other (assuming something like "Internet" to "Internal" or "Untrusted" to "Trusted) Cheers, ------------------------------ ...

  • Good day, The st0.249 interface is placed in the static route. so it is the same for local traffic as for remote traffic. i found that there is no traffic selector on our side. however the 3th party is using static routes to our site. so we can't ...

  • Just bumping this ..

  • Hello, I am trying to setup a webserver. I need this: -> on port 80 When I am entering in my browser it gives timed out error. I am uploading my NAT Destination config as screenshots from J-Web. Maybe ...

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