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  • thank you for your reply here is the result of the "show chassis routing-engine" command root> show chassis routing-engine Routing Engine status: Temperature 35 degrees C / 95 degrees F CPU temperature 35 degrees ...

  • Looks like a hardware issue with "Routing-engine" I suggest opening a JTAC ticket if you have a valid support contract on the devices. ------------------------------ Marcel ten Berg ------------------------------

  • Hello Nikolay , Apologies for the delayed response. 1) I have downloaded the image from Juniper Website only ( ). 2) I tried to recover the password. I choose the option Recovery Mode ...

  • Hello My FW srx1500 in HA stops working after a restart. Led network interfaces do not work. I can only access with console and ping on MGMT port "commit" command displays an error: 'system' Missing mandatory statement: 'root-authentication' ...

  • I don't follow the issue. The two addresses seem unrelated as is a private RFC1918 ip address typically used for the internal traffic or st0 interfaces and is a standard public ip which would be external gateway addresses. ...

  • I configured an SRX1500 with multiple IPSEC-VPNs and saw in the logs that the remote tunnel-IP is shown with the wrong IP address. It was observed in the log that the IP is displayed reversed: For example, the correct IP of the tunnel is ...

  • Thank you for sharing your findings! ------------------------------ Nikolay Semov ------------------------------

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