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  • Hi @opouwels , Noted. Thanks for feedback

  • PR1709386 , should be fixed in 21.4R3-S5 as well, I suppose easier upgrade then 22.3R3-S1, but we needed 22.1 for the other bugs PR1634881 fixed in 22.1R1 PR1626934 fixed in 22.1R1 PR1626390 fixed in 22.1R1 PR1693170 fixed in 22.1R3-S1 after POC testing ...

  • Hi @opouwels , Can u share the PR no because i just upgrade recently (4 days ago) my srx1500 with version 21.4R3-S4. Thanks and appreciate your feedback

  • Hi John We had the same issue with SRX1500 21.4R3-S4, as it contains a memory bug we needed to reboot frequently after lan and wan sessions where getting dropped. After upgrade to 22.3R3-S1 it works fine. Recommended does not quarantee a lot. We ...

  • I have to keep rebooting my SRX1500 even though it only has less than 400 concurrent . My SRX keeps locking up denying all traffic lan and wan and forcing me to restart it. Using the recommended firmware version 21.4R3-S4.9 not sure what to do. ...

  • When various 3rd party threat feeds are selected, they are curated to include a threat level. So all of these feeds are included by default under the CC category on the SRX. The action is based on the CC profile that's created within Secintel configuration. ...

  • If they are, I don't know why they bought back the PulseSecure client (I thought I read somewhere) and have added a specific setup wizard (which didn't work for me) in the latest version of JunOS. Also, I found a video from a year ago specifically outlining ...

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