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  • Hi all, Is it someone success do dynamic-address block as per url below without need SkyATP or any license in the firewall. Is it really need in junos new version just support .tgz file only? I'm try follow url below but it cannot block. ...

  • Yes, the versions in a cluster must exactly match for the cluster to become live and active. You can create or join with different versions but the mismatch has to be corrected before the full cluster functionality and failover will work. ------------------------------ ...

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    Chassis Cluster Confirmation

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous Hi All, Can I mix the 15.1X49-D180.2 and 15.1X49-D110.4 SRX Versions to form a chassis cluster? The spare that we have is 15.1X49-D180.2 and the version on production was 15.1X49-D110.4. ...

  • I work as a network administrator and I've heard that Cisco ASA allows for the configuration of VPN client script execution. The idea is that when VPN users log in, they download the latest VPN configuration from the server. During this process, the VPN ...

  • Hi , Thanks for replay,but this is subnet,client asking what service enabled...for that particular ip's.this command only applicable for live user only.client asking find the service port by seeing firewall Thanks Rakesh ------------------------------ ...

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    RE: How to find the flow

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous show security flow session destination-prefix source-prefix

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    How to find the flow

    Hi All, We have requirement ,client is asking flow between the particular IP addresses with TCP or UDP used between them,they are given source and destination ip address with service port ex,ntp ... Could you please how to find this flow in srx firewall. ...


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