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  • Hi Rob, the line: " ss=StartShell(dev)" should be ss=StartShell(dev) Maybe it was only a typo. After I changed this, it worked well. If you still have problem, check that you use the latest pyez ------------------------------ ...

  • Summary I am trying to switch my python paramiko scripts to use pyez Edit Summary Description I am trying to parse show security nat resource-usage source-pool all but it only returns 1 line (venv) [serveradmin@RHEL8-20230921 ...

  • Nevermind - I was on a system where there were no entries in the table. I found the field values on a different switch that had entries in the table.

  • I am writing a python script using PyEZ to access the table that results from the command "show ethernet-switching evpn arp-table". I've identified the RPC as "get-ethernet-switching-evpn-arp-table", and I am attempting to define a custom view for this ...

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    RE: Juniper Apstra

    Well that's a bummer... I don't really have any insights on what the "blueprint_rendering" anomaly could mean. I've searched our internal Teams chats and support cases with no hits. I've looked at the technical documentation and it only defines the schema ...

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    RE: Juniper Apstra

    Yes , i have built with vJunos as mentioned below. Let me know which information you want to see . if possible for you. ------------------------------ [uni1389] ------------------------------

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    RE: Juniper Apstra

    Did you rebuild the lab with vJunos instead of vQFX? I can't tell based on the screenshots. ------------------------------ Colin Doyle Lead BizDev Manager - Security Strategy Juniper Networks ------------------ ...


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