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  • The Juniper CX team is looking for enterprise customers who have been involved in purchasing, receiving, or deploying Juniper products in the last year to share your opinion. We invite you to participate in a 45-minute feedback session to discuss your ...

  • Hello team: I made big progress!!!! I found that most of the problems like this are associated to the YAML contents of the docker-compose.yml file. Basically, caused by bad indentation. I slightly modified the file according to the recommendations I ...

  • Dear colleagues: I would like to know if someone in this community has successfully installed and used Juniper´s Open Network Telemetry Collector as published in or in ...

  • @ Teodor Adrian Soroceanu Thank you so much! Your help is very appreciated! ------------------------------ Andrei Cebotareanu ------------------------------

  • Hi Andrei, I am glad you got the correct answer, i am also at the learing stage at the moment, but i know i faced the xml issue in some past troubleshooting, and that`s why i shared. Thanks, Adrian. ------------------------------ Teodor Adrian Soroceanu ...

  • @ Teodor Adrian Soroceanu I was advised by @ Louis Jarasius to do the following ___________________ Do you mean printing out the retrieved configuration with etree.tostring ? If so, add method='text' as an argument and it should come ...

  • @ Teodor Adrian Soroceanu Thank you for the resources! The "pure" xml works in my case... so I do have some "working solution". Thank you for your help. BR ------------------------------ Andrei Cebotareanu ------------------------------


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