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    RE: Slax script for rpd

    When you ran the script just as an OP script, did you see data being pushed to the MIB? 1. Run the OP script : op collect_rpd_cpu.slax 2. Walk the utility mib and see if data is being recorded. show snmp mib walk jnxUtil ascii jnxUtilIntegerValue."RPD_normalized_cpu" ...

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    RE: Slax script for rpd

    Or another option is to use the debugger to check your script and the data that it is getting. op collect_rpc_cpu.slax invoke-debugger cli sdb: The SLAX Debugger (version 0.22.1) Type 'help' for help (sdb) Then set some line breakpoints, e.g. (sdb) ...

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    RE: Slax script for rpd

    Maybe add some output into the script, so that when you run it manually as an OP script you can check to see if you actually get data. e.g. <snip> var $pattern = "[0-9]+[[.space.]]+root[[.space.]]+[0-9]+[[.space.]]+[0-9]+[[.space.]]+[0-9]+[MKG][[.space.]]+[0-9]+[MKG][[.space.]]+[[:alnum:]]+[[.space.]]+[0-9]+[[.space.]]+[0-9]+:[0-9]+[[.space.]]+([0-9]+\.[0-9]+%)[[.space.]]+rpd\\{rpd\\}"; ...

  • I didn't get any output from the OIDs. I copied and pasted the script but can't figure out what I did wrong. set event-options generate-event collect_rpd_data_event time-interval 300 set event-options policy collect_rpd_data_policy events collect_rpd_data_event ...

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    RE: Slax script for rpd

    My first guess would be that the following is required: var $cpu_usage = $match[2]; Node sets start at 1, so jcs:regex() will return the entire string in node 1, and the matches in subsequent nodes. You will also need to double escape the last ...

  • I created a script to retrieve the WCPU of RPD in OIDs, but it's not functioning as expected. Could someone assist me with this? version 1.0; ns junos = "*/junos"; ns xnm = ""; ...

  • Hi Rob, the line: " ss=StartShell(dev)" should be ss=StartShell(dev) Maybe it was only a typo. After I changed this, it worked well. If you still have problem, check that you use the latest pyez ------------------------------ ...


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