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  • Hello! I have been a network technician with my company working under engineers for the last 2 years supporting a Juniper environment. I know my way around the CLI, but none of us are familiar with writing scripts for use in jspace. I would greatly ...

  • I am consoled into the switch. I think I have resolved the problem. It has two parts. 1st part "delete vlans (vlan namd) forwarding-options dhcp-security group DHCP_STATIC interface ge-0/0/0 static-ip (IP address)" Then "commit" 2nd part, ...

  • Hi Neville, Can you give a bit more insights into this issue you are experiencing, you are trying to do this on the device directly or programmatically? Thanks, Adrian.

  • I have a question about deleting a static binding. The command that I put in is as follows: "set vlans espc_vlan forwarding-options dhcp-security group DHCP_STATIC interface ge-0/0/0 static-ip mac 00:d0:71:05:1a:84" The IP and the mace ...

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    RE: Ansible to delete file.

    Thanks! Works Great!

  • Hello ansible.builtin.file is specifically for windows/linux operating systems , rather use the file delete junos_command to remove files from a juniper device - name: delete a file on Juniper devices junos_command: commands: file delete ...

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    Ansible to delete file.

    I am trying to delete a file from my Juniper device using Ansible, but it is not working. This is the code I am using: tasks: - name: Remove file (delete file) ansible.builtin.file: path: /var/home/remote/.ssh/test.txt state: ...


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