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    RE: Question on PyEZ

    Thanks Teodor. That rpc calls returns a Python dictionary, not a JSON object. Which is fine.. I just have to add an extra step converting the Python dictionary to a JSON object.

  • Hi Deepak, You mean like this: from jnpr.junos import Device from pprint import pprint with Device(host='') as dev: sw_info_json = dev.rpc.get_software_information ({'format':'json'}) pprint(sw_info_json) Thanks, Adrian. ...

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    Question on PyEZ

    Hi. By default, a PyEZ RPC call, eg r0.rpc.get_system_information() returns information in XML format. How do I get the response to be in text or JSON format? Thanks, Deepak

  • Hi. I would like to understand the various numbers displayed in the Paragon Automation Network Trust Score snapshot below. For example, how are the values 316.09, 570, 55.45 and 38.82 calculated? Any pointers to relevant documentation would also ...

  • Thanks Peter!

  • What is the difference between Juniper Ansible modules junipernetworks.junos.junos_package and And which one should be used for Juniper upgrades of network devices? ------------------------------ JUAN RUIZ --------------- ...

  • Hi All, Here below is my slax script for show services nat source pool al l command. version 1.0; ns junos = "*/junos"; ns xnm = ""; ns jcs = ""; ...

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