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  • Hi, so you want to become a JNCIE in 2 weeks but literally don't know how to edit files on the devices and try to hammer the commands blindly into the shell-window??? - that doesn't make sense to me… Thats just „weird" to say the least - especially ...

  • The question asks me to run the script. There is a problem with the script. I can find out what this problem is. The script; - % cd /var/db/scripts/commit/ with this command, - lab@vmx1# run file show /var/db/scripts/commit/loopback I also ...

  • Something like the following should work. Not tested it extensively, but was working with Space 23.1R1.4 and a couple of SRX that had been discovered. I should point out that this is a local SLAX script, that means that this script does not need to ...

  • What I tested in the lab, just to close the loop... Andy showed the PyEZ version to start a shell. The slax version is here: ...

  • No. Not a shell script. A Python script leveraging "PyEZ" to perform s/w upgrades across a number of SRX clusters and v/SRX clusters. For this particular project we were using Ansible and an off-box python scripts leveraging the PyEZ module. But ...

  • This looks very interesting and thank you! Is this just a standard shell script ( ) used as an event-script? [edit event-options event-script] user@host# set file ------------------------------ JUAN RUIZ ---------- ...

  • Thanks Andrew!


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