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    RE: Storm control level

    Storm control is based on ingress traffic. And 1Mbps seems a very low value, the default setting is 80%. So you might want to be sure what is normal on the interface before setting that low a level. ...

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    Storm control level

    Hi everyone, When define storm control level say bandwidth 1Mbps for interface ge-0/0/0, when direction will be considered for storm control to kicks in? Is 1Mbps inbound to ge-0/0/0 or outbound 1Mbs out of ge-0/0/0 ? Much appreciated!! ------------------------------ ...

  • This is a reminder that Junos software release 18.4 for QFX reached end-of-support in 2022. We still see occasional support cases being opened for this version, so want to guide anyone still using it to an appropriate upgrade path. (Please note that ...

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  • Dear Community, we're new to Juniper and EVPN VXLAN configuration and have the following DCI setup request. Maybe you can give us a hint to the right direction: Site A: Juniper MX204 - Interface Gi0/0/0 - connected via LAN to Site B Interface Gi0/0/0 ...

  • Hi all, I have been reading through the published Juniper campus design guides but the section regarding STP interactions are about are not really covered very well.<o:p></o:p> They simply state that STP is not needed (in the core). I have a ...

  • Hello spuluka! We have try this command: request system snapshot local After installation, everything is done automatically and then we plug the USB into the equipment and it works. Thank you ! ------------------------------ ...

  • Hi, Can u try replace the ubuntu with vmx? Just to make sure issue nor related to compatiblity. May i know vQFX version that u used? Sometimes u need to make sure vQFX-RE finish loading first before u power-up vQFX-PFE. Thanks


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