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  • You can test the physical port by using a fiber loop from the transmit to receive on the optic then running some loopback tests per this document. If the test work then the local port in/out is working correctly and the issue is with the pair link communication ...

  • Hello, No LAG or any bonding just 10G port. No, the traffic is not delivered by another route. It was working fine for a long time and suddenly it's unidirectional. Tried shutting down another port to verify this but it's only one-way inbound. Chassis ...

  • Are we talking about a LAG here (bond, etherchannel, portchannel, whatever)? Can it be the traffic is deliverd via another route (L2 or L3)?

  • Hello, There is a weird issue with one of our switch 10G links. The traffic which was 1:1 bidirectional suddenly become unidirectional. Traffic was around 3G In and out but now it is only inbound 3G. Tried to bounce the port but does not help. In ...

  • If you have two switches connected by a single link and therefore no loop, there is no requirement for spanningtree to pass traffic between them. The console port uses RS232 and not Ethernet and IP. To log in through a management port, you would ...

  • Thank you all very much! vstp is definitely a point, I have links up up and packets to and from and the routing mac's for each vlan are from the uplink switch, but no L2 routing. Native vlan and next hop applied. Vlan members in group. The VME is ...

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