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Community Tip of the Week!

  • 1.  Community Tip of the Week!

    Posted 03-02-2021 16:00
    Tip of the week! Want to send messages to others in your community? Here’s how to use the Juniper Elevate Message functionality:
    1. Think of your messages/inbox as your notifications. It is the place where you can see all the activity related directly to you. It also is where you would go to with someone you’ve chatted with on a discussion post or see to start a private conversation with another community member.
      1. To get to your messages, first navigate to your profile, and click on the tab that says “My Inbox”. Alternatively, if you have any messages, you can click on the green “New Messages” box right above. Or you can go there directly no matter where you are on the site by pressing the mail icon by your profile picture in the top right
      2. Once there, you can select any of the items on the left side of your screen to see items you’ve sent, contact requests, or community requests.
      3. To start a new message, click on the green “Compose” button to start writing your message.
      4. You’ll be required to type in the name of who you’re writing to, as well as a subject for the message. For the name, just start typing, and the system will suggest matching names of other community members.
      5. Hot tip – if you wanted to message someone about a discussion, you can choose “reply privately” on the discussion and it will send a private message to their inbox.

    John Joyce