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MPLS LDP IPv6 basic question

  • 1.  MPLS LDP IPv6 basic question

    Posted 10-06-2022 17:27
    Hi guys,

    Today I just enable IPv6 in LDP but IPv6 neighbor can't be established
    When I deactivate re-protection firewall filter it's works well.
    So I really think it's a problem with firewall filter but I checked everything is correct. I was struggling for hours By carefully checking the logs I noticed that the LDP neighbor establishment process for ipv4 and ipv6 is a little different.
    Always use Transport address to discover neighbors in IPv4. But in IPv6 an unknown address is used to discover the neighbor eg. fe80::b68a:xxxx, not the Transport address. When I add this address to the re-protection filter it works well.

    So  in IPv4 like this from to  (Transport address:
    and in IPv6 from from fe80::ae78:d1ff:feee:cd54 to ff02::2 (Transport address: 2b0c:c8c0::15)

    Is this because IPv6 doesn't have ARP?