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  • 1.  JFlow on MX960

    Posted 08-25-2020 00:01


    Regrading JFLOW features, Do we need any special Card for enabling the feature. As far as I check we only need license per chassis for having this and it is supported on MPCs.

    I want to enable it on MPC10C-MRATE and MPC7E-10G

    Thank you

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    Posted 08-25-2020 00:39

    The MPCs themselves supports J-flow/IPFIX natively - so no need for a special card.


    Regarding licensing, the advanced subscription for MPC10E includes sampled flows where the premium subscriptions allows you to do 1:1 flow exports.


    For MPC7E you need either X number of S-ACCT-JFLOW-IN depending on your number of MPC7E's.


    Alternate approach if you have (or plan to have) more than two MPC7E's you should go for one of these options as this will be cheaper than buying a license for each MPC.


    1. If you only need sampled flows, then go for S-JFLOW-CH-MX960 + support (SVC-COR-JF-MX960)

    2. If you need 1:1 flows then go for S-ACCT-JFLOW-CHASSIS + support (SVC-COR-JFLOW-CHASSIS)


    I hope this answers your question.



  • 3.  RE: JFlow on MX960

    Posted 08-25-2020 00:48


    Thank you for your clear answer


  • 4.  RE: JFlow on MX960

    Posted 11-24-2021 05:49
    1) If we want to have 1:1 Accounting on flows, is it enough to buy S-ACCT-JFLOW-CHASSIS  or we must buy both S-JFLOW-CH-MX960+S-ACCT-JFLOW-CHASSIS?
    2) So based on what you said having several MPCs installed on the chassis and adding some new additional ones later does not affect the license requirements and we will have JFLOW 1:1 on the box?
    Thank you

    Ali Soltan