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JN0-102 Study Materials

  • 1.  JN0-102 Study Materials

    Posted 02-25-2017 04:49

    Hi all - maybe I have not had enough coffee this morning but the last time I took this test, there were JNICA-Junos-P1 and P2 study guides - which I cannot find on Juniper's website.  Has the preparation material changed for JNO-102? 



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    Posted 02-25-2017 04:59

    Hi !

    No it was not the coffee on you, it was maybe too much other drinks on someone else,...Smiley Mad


    the fasttrack program is being revised according to the website, but instead of keeping the old material until the new one is there , it was removed   ...


    so nothing there anymore





  • 3.  RE: JN0-102 Study Materials

    Posted 02-26-2017 05:31

    The exam number changed from JN101 to JN102 but the topic changes were very minor and the old study material is still valid.  So if you have those you can still use them.  The outline removed the CoS section from the JNCIA and covers those topics in the JNCIS taliored to your chosen track.


    Confirm you are good on the topic list:



    Check yourself on the practice test



    Study with the Junos as a second language and Junos genius



  • 4.  RE: JN0-102 Study Materials

    Posted 10-10-2017 11:56

    Very helpful! Especially to a Junos! Thank you, sir!

  • 5.  RE: JN0-102 Study Materials

    Posted 10-10-2017 11:59

    Sorry, I meant this was extremely helpful to a Junos-newbie like myself that will (soon) be pursuing the entry-level certification. Thanks again, Steve!

  • 6.  RE: JN0-102 Study Materials

    Posted 10-11-2017 04:21

    I have also posted a more comprehensive list of JNCIA-Junos resources here. 



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    Posted 10-22-2017 07:42

    Here is a Subnet Calculator that can help with the JNCIA study and a how to subnet guide.

    hope that it will help you guys