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Ask questions and share experiences with Junos Space and network management.
  • 1.  How can we improve the Juniper Elevate Community?

    Posted 05-05-2022 18:42

    My name is Jodi and I'm the new Community Engagement Lead at Juniper Networks. I have 10 years of experience managing communities and am thrilled to work with you. My first priority is getting to know you and understanding what's important to you so we can make the community an even more valuable resource.  

    Will you please take a few minutes to give us insights on the Juniper Elevate Community? We're planning to update it, and the feedback you share will help guide our improvements.

    Complete the Community Experience Survey

    The survey should take you about 5 minutes to complete, and your responses will be anonymous unless you want to discuss the community experience further. Your feedback and ideas will help shape the future of the Juniper Elevate Community.

    Also, feel free to introduce yourself and where you are from as a reply to this post. I look forward to learning from and getting to know all of you!



    Jodi Meier

  • 2.  RE: How can we improve the Juniper Elevate Community?

    Posted 08-26-2022 17:48

    A big thank you to those who completed the community survey or gave me input 1:1. We are implementing improvements to the community as a result of your feedback.

    Here are the common themes we heard:

    • Most visit the community to solve challenges and see additional use cases
    • New content should be easy to discover
    • You would like to hear more from Juniper subject matter experts
    • Topics of interest must be straight forward to find and communities/categories and sub-categories should be clearly defined

    Our goal is to make this space as valuable as possible for customers, partners, and employees who work with Juniper solutions every day. We want you to enjoy being a part of a larger community.

    Give us feedback any time by replying to this discussion or posting in the Community Talk community.

    We'll notify you as we roll out site updates to the Juniper Elevate Community.

    Jodi Meier

  • 3.  RE: How can we improve the Juniper Elevate Community?

    Posted 08-29-2022 09:30
    I am new to using Juniper products.
    I have disabled getting emails on the discussion as I really do not want to deal with your company. as I see is seems to make support difficult
    My Brother managers  / configures  / installs a number of company's networks.

    He had replaced a juniper services gateway at  a company because as he said " the management interface sucked".
    It was not replaced with any Juniper product.
    It is his world , not mine do not bother asking me for details.
    My world is troubleshooting computers and hardware.

    So he gives me the Juniper product to do with what I want to do as long as I reset it to factory defaults.
    So my 1st interaction with Juniper product support begins.

    1st goal       --reset the unit to factory defaults
    I search and find the instructions.    PROBLEM instructions were incomplete . it was missing the part that to reset the unit, it must be fully booted which may take a couple of minutes.  THEN the instructions work.
    Result success after failing  a number of times.

    2nd goal  ---  connect to computer through mini USB connection.
    I search on their site for usb drivers for the model.
    I get a page describing what to do with a zip file containing the  drivers. The page is great, it includes a link to the drivers EXCEPT when clicking on it, it brings up a page NOT with a zip file containing the drivers, BUT to a page with what appears to be an update to the unit.
    Ok, so I try to download the update.   .. Delay ... need registration on website to download.   so I do a quick registration, NOT typing in the products serial number as I intend to sell it to someone else later after I play around with it. ( as a tech, I hate having to register products w sns to get driver support.)
      I get a link by email 5 mins to 1/2 hour later.
    I click link  put in a password and click ok.   .it tells me I may have to refresh browser page or restart browser to login. I go to login and it beings me to an issue / error page telling me i do not have any access to anything ..(something like that)

    I give up and leave for the day .
    7 HOURS later, I get another email like the 1st one asking me to setup my password.  (
    So I do it, AGAIN.  
    now I am logged into the site,   Yeah.!!!!!
    so I go the download page and find out how Juniper supports $3,000 to $4000 products after the sale.

    Software download entitlement is granted for customers under the following scenarios.
    Juniper Product within the first 90 days of the hardware warranty period.
    Juniper Product which is currently under an active maintenance contract.
    Juniper Standalone Software Subscription which is currently active.

    I get wanting to sell services , os updates service contracts...

    I originally just wanted a USB drive to access through something like hyper terminal.
    UTTER failure

    goal 3 connect without any USB drivers from juniper and pray
    I connected to the computer without downloading anything to see what happened.
    Windows recognized the usb connection  as "Juniper Networks BX series System Console" with no compatible drivers for this device.
    maybe on one of the windows updates, an additional driver may come up, the support page sorta ignores this. as it refers to a usb driver file that does not exist.
    Utter Failure unless the Microsoft update gods respond to my prayers in the future

    Goal 4  connect with RJ45 to the management interface.  
    I follow Juniper instructions. Did not work because AS all laptops do have wifi connected to the network in addition to the wired connection 
    it would be simple to add prior to connection disable your wifi using airplane mode.

    After  I connect to the unit again, I type in the ip address and my browser is blocking may access as the https certificate is invalid .
    After I keep telling it to ignore the error and go to the site, I finally see the setup wizard page. 

    At that point, i got bored and tired of dealing with this.

    I look at instructions as needing to be complete as if a person has no knowledge nor common sense, which happens to be the case at some companies staff

    If these little things are any indication on how your company does stuff, I would be fearful on the actual quality of firewall you are selling / promoting

    The network at my house has 48 hardwired ports.
    I have used over 5,000 programs over 30 years

    access the mamagemnet