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  • 1.  vMX DRAM

    Posted 04-13-2021 17:22
    Hi there,

    I'm facing some issues with one of our border routers.

    It has 8 PROCS, 12GB RAM and just 3 peers. One of these peers is sending me full bgp table.
    Whenever this full bgp table peer gets connected, my router's performance goes really bad.
    Many commands just don't work or take so long to run, like "show route receive-protocol bgp a.b.c.d".

    I first thought it might be a memory problem. After raising it, no big changes.

    There is one thing though that is making me confuse. vFP has 12GB of RAM and it only shows 4GB of DRAM. Is this correct?

    Routing Engine status:

      Slot 0:

        Current state                  Master

        Election priority              Master (default)

        DRAM                      4050 MB (4096 MB installed)

        Memory utilization          32 percent

    Thanks in advance.