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  • 1.  show ospf route .. Route Type Network vs Router

    Posted 03-20-2016 13:46


    Hope you are doing great.


    Need your assistace please regarding below command


    R1> show ospf route router
    Topology default Route Table:

    Prefix Path Route NH Metric NextHop Nexthop
    Type Type Type Interface Address/LSP Intra Router IP 5100 ae10.0 Intra AS BR IP 5100 ae2.0 Intra Network IP 5101 ae3.0 Ext1 Network IP 1050 ae4.0


    Intra should be intra (level-1/level-2) LSA and Ext should be level-5 LSA

    However what does "Rotuer" , " Network" means ??  It can't be level-1 / level-2 as Ext1 is with Network


    Many Thanks for your assistance


    Best Regards

    Sherif Ismail


  • 2.  RE: show ospf route .. Route Type Network vs Router

    Posted 03-21-2016 00:18

    First of all, there is no level-1/level-2 in OSPF, only in IS-IS. 🙂 


    Back to your question:

    (1) The Path Type is either Intra (type-1/2 LSAs), Inter (type-3 LSAs) or Ext1/2 (type-5/7 LSAs - depending on the metric type)

    (2) The Route type is either AS BR (AS boundary router), Area BR (ABR), Area/AS BR (both ASBR and ABR at the same time), Router (neither an Area BR nor an AS BR), Network which are those prefixes within the type-1 LSAs that have link type 3 (stub network), i.e. all those interfaces that have no OSPF neighbor (= other than p2p or transit).




  • 3.  RE: show ospf route .. Route Type Network vs Router
    Best Answer

    Posted 03-22-2016 03:12

    Thanks Carsten for your reply


    For ISIS levels yes it was a mistpe 🙂

    One more thing why then Network appears with External (LSA-5) appears ?


    Many thanks


    Best Regards

    Sherif Ismail