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  • 1.  JNCIS-SP study guide part 3

    Posted 06-07-2014 07:46


    I'm preparing for the JNCIS-SP and I was surprised by the diversity and the depth of the topics covered in the study guide part 3 compared to the anounced exam objective!!


    Here is the list of the mpls skills needed to pass the exam (As per the detailed exam objective)

    Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) and MPLS VPNs)

    • Identify the concepts, operation, and functionality of MPLS

      • MPLS terminology

      • MPLS packet header

      • End-to-end packet flow and forwarding

      • Labels and the label information base (LIB)

      • MPLS and routing tables

      • RSVP

      • LDP

    • Identify the concepts, benefits, operation, and functionality of MPLS VPNs

      • VPN routing tables

      • Layer 3 VPN terminology and components

      • BGP Layer 2 VPN terminology and components

      • LDP Layer 2 circuit terminology and components

      • Virtual private LAN service (VPLS) terminology and components

      • MPLS VPN control plane traffic flow

      • MPLS VPN data plane traffic flow

    • Demonstrate knowledge of how to configure and monitor MPLS and MPLS VPNs

      • MPLS forwarding

      • RSVP-signaled and LDP-signaled LSPs

      • MP-BGP

      • Basic Layer 3 VPN configuration

      • Basic BGP Layer 2 VPN configuration

      • Basic LDP Layer 2 circuit configuration

      • Basic VPLS configuration


        As you can see the list doesn't include many topics that are covered in details in the study guide (ie CSPF , MPLS protection, Layer3 VPN scaling, troubleshooting, Interprovider VPNs, ..)

        Does anyone know if all the chapters in the guide are relevant to the JNCIS exam? and If not , then what are the chapters that one can easily ignore during exam prepartion?




  • 2.  RE: JNCIS-SP study guide part 3
    Best Answer

    Posted 06-09-2014 06:05

    Hi kareem,



    The exam's objective list / blueprint is always the best guide as to what will be on the exam.  Only the topics listed there will appear; if you prepare well for all those topics you will be in good shape.



    Kieran Milne

    Tech Lead, JNCP

  • 3.  RE: JNCIS-SP study guide part 3

    Posted 06-09-2014 08:26

    Thanks Kieran