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  • 1.  fork: Resource temporarily unavailable

    Posted 10-27-2021 05:58

    I'm using a provisioning tool that use netconf to get resources from a VSRX to automate deploy. The tool in question is terraform.
    But for some reasons i get this error:
    fork: Resource temporarily unavailable

    and then:

    subsystem request for netconf by user netconf failed, subsystem not found

    my first guess was a resource limitation, when i run: ps -faux on the juniper i see many and many lines:

    netconf 18752 0.0 0.2 881404 9716 - I 21:53 0:00.00 sshd: netconf@notty (sshd)
    root 18756 0.0 0.2 881404 9708 - Is 21:53 0:00.02 sshd: netconf [priv] (sshd)

    my vsrx is running on proxmox by the way

    Any guess on what cause this error message and how to solve it ?


    Oliver Duruiss

  • 2.  RE: fork: Resource temporarily unavailable

    Posted 11-01-2021 05:45
    This happens when your system has completely run out of memory, including swap space. You should be able to see it if you run top to view the memory and swap usage.

    Add swap space to the host system that is reporting the error, probably the proxmox host in your case.