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  • 1.  No web-interface, only ping. How do I log in?

    Posted 12-13-2021 05:58

    I am going to configure multiple Juniper SRX320 for different projects, and while the very first one I did went pretty smoothly, the second one does not have a working web-interface. I can ping it, and if I press the reset-button I get a web interface "Phone Home Client" with a circle and "2" written below - that is stuck for hours. Now after the weekend there is however no web-interface, so I am back where I started.

    Is my device defect, or is there some way I can still program. I do not really need the web-interface, I only need a root-login, but without the web-interface I have not been able to set up a password, and I do not know what the root-password is by default.

    I read that after september software is delivered separately, so does that mean that there is no web-interface until I have installed something?  Is my device defect, so I should move on to the next?


  • 2.  RE: No web-interface, only ping. How do I log in?

    Posted 12-14-2021 10:43
    Hi! I updated the USB-driver to get the COM-port right and connected via the console-port, being able to run CLI via serial interface. ( That did work, so while there is still no web interface I was able to make a password and configure the device - and then I do not worry about the j-web as I no longer need it. There are still some issues, so I am not sure I got it right yet, but at least I got in. 

    So, there was a way, console+serial, and I am quite happy with my own solution - so far.


  • 3.  RE: No web-interface, only ping. How do I log in?

    Posted 12-22-2021 05:50
    I always disable home-phone client via CLI before access web GUI.
    but If you don't know root password, I would recommend to follow Recover a Root Password | Junos OS | Juniper Networks 

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