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Juniper Secure Connect with Public certificate

  • 1.  Juniper Secure Connect with Public certificate

    Posted 10-28-2021 09:47
    We have Secure Connect working very well using the internal PKI certificate authority. Our security team has point out an issue that https external interface is showing a cerifcate error because its self signed. We created a new authority profile and added the root cert along with the new public cert. Now surfing to the external https URL of the SRX there is no certificate errors.  The issue is that when external users try to access the VPN they get an error "Login https request failed. 2002 - unable to get certificate". I have tired just to set the Web-management cert and the VPN cert in different orders and with the original cert profile same result. I have since put the configuration back to a working stat and logged a JTEC case which I know will be a painful process due to the current workloads. Does anyone have a guide on how to implement a certificate that's publicly signed for web-management and still have secure connect working at the same time?

    Many Thanks Steve

    Steven Waite