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Significant SRX reliability problems

  • 1.  Significant SRX reliability problems

    Posted 12-06-2017 13:48

    Generally speaking, I really like working with the SRX.  We use 210, 220, and 240 models throughout the company.  It's trivially easy to set up tunnels with OSPF to do all kinds of neat inter-office connectivity, and working with JTAC is WAY better than Cisco TAC.  (we have a Cisco phone system)


    Five years ago, we bought 15 new SRXes from an authorized Juniper dealer, and each was installed in a separate geographic location.


    I'm having GRAVE concerns about their reliability.  In the past 2 years, 5 of the 15 have failed with a 6th one heading to the toilet.

    • One lost its flash-- no storage recognized