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FAQ: Junos Space Device Management

By Erdem posted 03-14-2016 15:45


Junos Space is a comprehensive network management solution that simplifies and automates management of Juniper Networks switching, routing, and security devices. Junos Space Network Management Platform works with Junos Space applications to deliver comprehensive management of Juniper devices.


This article provides answers to the most common questions about Junos Space device manaegement.


  1. Which Juniper Networks devices does Junos Space Network Management Platform support?
  2. What Junos OS releases are supported in Junos Space Network Management Platform?
  3. What minimum configuration do network devices require for Junos Space Platform to manage them?
  4. Which port on the Junos Space node does a device connect to?
  5. Does using Junos Space to discover devices that are connected to AI-Scripts and SRC affect those connections?
  6. Does Junos Space support IPv6?
  7. How is connecting to devices running worldwide Junos OS different from connecting to devices running the domestic version of Junos OS?