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Drops on Output Errors - EX3400

Hi all, I have a server connected to an EX3400. The server is at 1g/Full-duplex (autonegotiation). However, I am seeing the following errors Input errors: Errors: 0, Drops: 0, Framing errors: 0, Runts: 0, Policed discards: 0, L3 incompletes: 0, L2 channel errors: 0, L2 mismatch...

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Preferred way to stack EX 3400 switches

This may be a newbie type question, but we are moving from EX 3300s to 3400s for our access switches in one of our buildings, and I was wondering about the prefferd way to stack (VC) these. The 3400s come with 2 40GbE QSFP+ ports in the back in addition to the 4 SFP+ ports up front.... so I was...

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EX3400 crashes after 4 days up

Hi, I have 4x Juniper EX3400 in a virtual chassis: 1x EX3400 with POE 3x EX3400 without POE Since mid december 2019 i have to reboot the chassis after 4 days uptime -> SSH & WebInterface is not reachable anymore. SNMP requests the chassis is still answering. ...

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RE: Old Optics in New Switches, Any Benefit to Replace Them?

Hi, First offtopic - depending on intended use EX3400 may or may not be most suitable replacement for EX4200. EX4300 is direct replacement for EX4200. If needed check here:

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RE: DHCP Relay on EX3400

EX3400 is using ELS-style config. Example below: jh@fw# show forwarding-options dhcp-relay ( server-group ( dhcp-server (; ) ) active-server-group dhcp-server; group dhcp-server ( interface irb.10; interface irb.20; ) ) jh@fw# show forwarding-options |...