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  • Hi, 1: AD/ESI is RT-1 per ES (ETH TAG ID is set to MAX-ET(all Fs)), described in rfc7432#section-8.2.1, used among other things for fast convergence(when ES link goes down, all MAC routes behind that ES ...

  • Hi, 1: 0 ::010203040506070809::FFFF:FFFF/192 AD/ESI 1: 1 ::010203040506070809::0/192 AD/EVI There are 2 type-1 routes, 1 for Auto-discovery (AD) per ESI and one for AD per EVI. AD per ESI is mandatory for ...

  • hello every one , i tried to make a lab on multihommed evpn vxlan as you see the below topology leaf 1 and leaf 2 are multihommed to VM both have same ESI 01:02:03:04:05:06:07:08:09 as i knew that leaf 1&2 should send route type1 NLRI when i checked ...

  • Thanks for the feedback Jason, So both option 1 and 2 all traffic get concentrated at PE1 MX due to L3 GW being primary for a particular service. The same could be reversed for PE2 for another service. The benefit with option 1 is just normal AE between ...

  • That helps. I had assumed that you had some L2 you needed to cross the MPLS network based on the MC-LAG and ESI-LAG design options. If you're strictly operating L3 at the core, then I'm with you completely in terms of complexity and would likely avoid ...

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