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  • root@vMX8# run show route table bgp.evpn.0 | find ^1 1: AD/ESI *[BGP/170] 13:14:12, localpref 100, from AS path: I, validation-state: unverified ...

  • Seems the software is not stable. I wiped all the configurations and did again. the same configuration as the above, it works fine.

  • After I added this line, the issue seems fixed. set routing-instances vxlan-inst protocols evpn default-gateway advertise But I do not fully understand why yet. doing more tests. The original issue is vMX8 never replies arp request for one of the networks. ...

  • I have the following topology. vXLAN between vMX7 and vMX8 with two subnets vlan 200 (vni 2000) and vlan 201 (vni 2001) xe-0/0/1 on both QFXs shut down. vMX7 root@vMX7# show routing-instances | display set set routing-instances ...

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