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  • hi Luke, You can use the same trunk for the "remote-capture Vlan". This should be a dummy VLAN only for the purpose of the port mirroring and should only be configured on the devices and interfaces involved on the capture. So, as there should not ...

  • Hi, I need to capture traffic for a device on Switch-A. Currently, Switch-A connects to Switch-B, which connects to Switch-C. My monitoring server is connected to Switch-C. The links between these switches are trunk links (aggregated in some cases), ...

  • Yes, exactly. The inter-leaf cross-connect is layer 3, and is the underlay. Thanks all for the documentation links, it looks like there's a few different ways to approach the issue. This article also gives good explanations on each option: https:// ...

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  • If this what you are trying to do? And if it is, is the link between the leaf nodes L2? (that would cause a loop) I think manually configuring the virtual mac using virtual-gateway-v4-mac on the leaf devices might help (which I think ...

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  • Hi Paul, sorry if I missed something, but have you tried to configure same static mac-address on irb interface itself on both leafs? If not, here you can check 2 methods and example: https://www.juniper.net/documentation/en_US/junos/topics/example/evpn-vxlan-collapsed-topology.html#jd0e58 ...


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