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BNG Questions

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  • 1.  BNG Questions

    Posted 12-07-2021 11:11

    I have some questions about BNG config and usage on Junos.

    We are setting up interface-sets that are dynamically created from the aci information provided by the OLT.
    Then we are placing the  pppoe sessions from that OLT inside the interface-set

    1.  We want to setup the interface-set to have bandwidth capping ( overall control ) then each pppoe session would have its own separate CoS parameters inside that main container.
          I have a dynamic profile defined of a class of users with pppoe attributes etc etc ( there are three different bandwidth tiers available in that class )

        My idea is to define the different options statically inside the class-of-service in the dynamic profile.
    dynamic-profiles profile-name {
      class-of-service {
        traffic-control-profiles {
            500m-interface-set {
                scheduler-map subscriber-smap;
                shaping-rate 500m;
                guaranteed-rate 50m;
            1000m-interface-set {
                scheduler-map subscriber-smap;
                shaping-rate 1000m;
                guaranteed-rate 100m;
        scheduler-maps {
            subscriber-smap {
                forwarding-class assured-forwarding scheduler af_sch;
                forwarding-class best-effort scheduler be_sch;
                forwarding-class expedited-forwarding scheduler ef_sch;
                forwarding-class network-control scheduler nc_sch;

         I want to be able to pass a VSA from radius to indicate the CoS to use:

    dynamic-profiles profile-name{
      class-of-service {
          interfaces {
              interface-set "$junos-interface-set-name" {
                  output-traffic-control-profile <b>$what-variable-name$</b>;

    Is this the right way of doing this?  does anyone know what the predefined variable name is for the output-traffic-control-profile?

    2.  I would like to be able to clear all sessions from an interface-set.  At the moment it looks like I need to do per username or session-id?  any ideas?

    William Jackson