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  • 1.  DC Overlay using MPLSoUDP or VXLAN

    Posted 12-14-2021 10:42
    Hi all,
    I'm seeking some advise and clarification of leveraging MPLSoUDP vs VXLAN in data center spine-leaf data center overlay network (compute/vrouter--leaf--spine--border leaf--ce/pe).
    My understanding one is used for L3 virtualization and and another one is used for L2 virtualization. 
    (1) Thus, in data center which network element/components  and operational traffic (compute traffic travel within same DC, or to another compute of another DC or going out to external network/internet) that MPLSoUDP or VXLAN will be used? i.e. if traffic within dc or to another dc use vxlan but if traffic going to external use mplsoudp???
    (2) VTEP establish the tunnel from vrouter up to ce/pe? or only at spine/border?
    (3) Is there separate tunnel for each MPLSoUDP and VXLAN or its only single tunnel for both?

    I really hope some clarification to clear my doubts. Thank you.

    Johari Abdul Rahim

  • 2.  RE: DC Overlay using MPLSoUDP or VXLAN

    Posted 12-15-2021 09:41
    Above document should be helpful here,  this doc have details around connecting and managing third-party devices like firewall to border leafs in a contrail managed DC.
    Also embedded below my responses to your questions
    (1)  Contrail supports 3 Encaps MPLSoUDP,MPLSoGRE&VXLAN. Typical scenario MX acting as Gateway Routers talk MPLSoUDP/MPLSoGRE to computes and VXLAN for traffic to IP-CLOS (leafs).
    (2) Typical to leafs/Spines.
    (3) Separate ENCAPS/Tunnels

    Ashish Paul

    Ashish Paul