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  • I haven't used the Templates much so take this with a grain of salt but it might be simpler to just do "delete system phone-home". If you want to go the CLI Configlet route, you could also try this: system { delete: phone-home; } ------------------------------ ...

  • H i Everyone ! We are excited to share fantastic news about new products and features dropping today. Before we jump into the details, please join us at MFD 9, May 17, 2023; the live stream is ...

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  • i want to delete phone home after i put config delete system phone-home server delete system phone-home rfc-compliant but it show invalid CLI How can i set delete config in junos space template ------------------------------ ...

  • Hello everyone! I apologize for not being around the last couple of weeks. I was out there traveling on the conference scene. First I was over in Paris for SD-WAN and SASE 2022 . I had a lot of fun on this trip and got to speak with a TON of people ...

  • Please refer to subject investigation in Route ... Thx, A.

  • For cards the best command would be show chassis hardware models I don't know anything directly for the other two but you can get a list of all VRF by show configuration routing-instances ? This will just show a list of all the names currently configured. ...

  • This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous Hi all, What Junos commands can be used to list the followings on PE Mx router All VRFs Services(L2/3Vpn and others) attached to each VRF Card (MIC/PIC etc) type and its capacity ...


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